Original Painting "More Than Cousins" - My Special Inspiration for the Painting!

With Mother's Day coming up fast, it seemed like the perfect time to share the story of how my grandkids inspired me to paint "More Than Cousins!" 
Grandkids are the BEST! What a beautiful season - watching them do life, wondering what's rolling around in their precious fresh innocent minds as they play and explore. Don't you just love that?
One of my favorite things about having grandkids is watching them do all the little kid stuff. They're so cute, and they make me feel young! Sometimes we'll paint together and I love that it helps me get creative while doing something fun with a loved one. Other times, like in this case, they inspire me to create.
When these four cousins walked back to the car after playtime at Widgets, they looked too cute walking hand in hand together. They'd had such a fun time, and the boys were so kind and gentle! Tenderly, the older cousins helped out by holding hands with girls so they wouldn't drop behind.
These expressions are why I love observing people's backs.  Kids, especially-- there's something contemplative about it. For a minute you can catch a glimpse into another human being, wondering what they're thinking, where they're heading, what their stories are. 
That sweet moment for some reason made me feel nostalgic...wondering what these children would grow up to be like? What adventures await them already? They're such a joy, those kids! Ok, I'm done with the sappy part. But I love reminiscing the story behind this special painting!
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To all you moms and grandmas out there, I would love to hear how your kids and grandkids inspire you! What have you created or accomplished because of your special blessings who call you Mama/Grandma? Let me know in the comments!